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Men's leather monk strap shoes

Our men's leather monk strap shoes are Italian handcrafted footwear, perfect for those who want to combine elegance and style with maximum comfort. We offer a wide range of elegant men's shoes with single or double buckles, all handmade, allowing you to explore from classic to contemporary designs, so you can wear only the excellence of Made in Italy footwear. Let's discover together our models of men's leather shoes, must-have men's accessories that can give your outfits elegance, style, and sophistication.

Single or Double Buckle Men's Leather Shoes

There are many types of men's leather shoes with buckles, differing not only in design and color but also in the types of leather used: full-grain calf, cowhide, lambskin, and many others. Each type of leather can be treated differently: smooth or patent leather, dip-dyed or entirely hand-dabbed to achieve the characteristic shaded effect. One of our strengths is the selection of leathers, excellent materials that make our handmade shoes top-quality Made in Italy footwear, thanks also to traditional techniques of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. After choosing the best leather buckle shoe based on your style needs and occasion of use, you need to focus on the details, deciding if you want a shoe with a buckle, while also choosing the color of the buckles: gold, metal, or silver. Whether single or double, the buckle certainly adds a touch of style and transforms a Made in Italy men's leather shoe into an exclusive model capable of elevating the entire look.

Men's Monk Strap Shoes, Elegant Footwear for Timeless Style

Leonardo Shoes' men's leather monk strap shoes are made following the rules of true Made in Italy craftsmanship. We start with selecting the most suitable leather for the model to be made, opting for smooth leather for the elegant and formal version, or hammered leather to add a touch of personality, to men's genuine leather shoes with brown or beige buckles suitable for leisure time. The finishes of our men's leather shoes with buckles are more or less evident, with smooth and strict surfaces or inlaid and decorated surfaces to meet every type of occasion. The heel gives a few extra centimeters and elongates the figure, while being very comfortable and providing maximum comfort for the heel throughout the day. In addition to classic colors such as black, brown, and dark brown, we offer handmade men's shoes with more particular hues, such as mustard yellow, creating an elegant shoe with a buckle capable of becoming the focus of the entire look without being too daring.

What Types of Leather Do We Use for Our Elegant Men's Buckle Shoes?

Our classic men's buckle shoes are handmade with genuine high-quality leather, crafted according to superior manufacturing techniques. To make our Made in Italy shoes, we use the BLAKE construction characterized by having a single seam - with single or double thread - that joins the sole, lining, upper, and insole. If it's the first pair of buckle leather shoes you choose to buy, we recommend choosing a timeless classic and opting for the variant in genuine smooth leather, which suits both a work appointment and an evening party. This type of men's shoe can be worn with a separates suit or with a classic and tailored cut dress, and the result will be impeccable and attention to detail. If you love stepping out of your comfort zone without losing sight of elegance and sophistication, then vintage calf leather represents a particular type of aged leather, characterized by an antique appearance, used in an "old-style" way. Vintage leather takes inspiration from past fashion trends and reinterprets them in a modern way, combining traditional elements with modern trends. Suede leather footwear, especially in its brown version, is perfect if you want to maintain a certain style even in your leisure time, avoiding the classic look of smooth and matte leather. The touch of style is given by the belt that matches the colors of your elegant men's buckle shoes, showing great attention to detail and color matching.

Comfort and Elegance: The Secret of Our Handcrafted Shoes Lies in 100% Artisanal Workmanship

The 100% artisanal craftsmanship of our men's leather buckle shoes is their plus, handmade by a team of experts capable of combining comfort, design, and perfection of details. Our artisanal shoes meet high production standards, where attention to detail and the choice of high-quality leathers and materials are essential elements. It is by respecting these standards that our collection of men's leather shoes with single and double buckles is born, always looking at the current fashion trends to ensure a unique and contemporary design. Each handmade leather shoe in our store offers the possibility of wearing genuine leather shoes made by hand, entirely produced in Italy, combining style, elegance, and comfort.

Not Just Classic Shoes in Our Men's Collection

If you want something different from the classic men's buckle shoe models and want to step out of the ordinary, here you will find leather shoes that can satisfy your desire for originality without sacrificing the quality of handmade craftsmanship and comfort. On some classic men's shoes with side buckles, we have intervened using the weapon of color to make them more contemporary, such as the mustard yellow leather men's shoe with a buckle. What about the woven full-grain calf leather shoe model, where the surface layer of the leather is adequately processed to achieve a smooth texture. After being tanned to increase the aesthetic values of the material, waxes are applied by hand to its surface to preserve it over time. Work clothes can often be similar to each other and able to provide few insights, so opting for a taupe woven calf leather shoe can be a winning style choice. The metals used for the buckle processing are of superior quality, they do not rust or yellow, and require very little maintenance, as they remain shiny for years.

Single or Double Buckle Men's Leather Shoes? How to Choose the Right One

To choose the right model of men's leather buckle shoes, it is important to consider the type of occasions they will be worn for. If you often participate in formal meetings or elegant events, then opt for the timeless classic of the single buckle, which stands out without being too original under a tailored and strict suit. If, on the other hand, you love to surprise and often wear casual outfits, albeit stylish and carefully matched, then a variant of men's leather shoes with a double buckle allows you to add that additional touch that catches the eye and allows you to step out of anonymity. As for the color of the shoe, black is a variant that never goes wrong, to be combined with a tone-on-tone suit but also with a traditional blue, in all its facets. Brown, on the other hand, from the lighter shades of beige to a very refined dark brown, breaks up a classic suit, especially if the belt reflects the tones, generating an interesting reference.