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Men's ankle boot in light brown leather with zip closure
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High men's ankle boot in chocolate-colored leather with zip closure
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Chelsea boot in blue suede with rubber sole
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Chelsea boot in brown suede with rubber sole
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Classic men's handmade ankle boots in brown leather
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Men's ankle boot in dark brown suede
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Different models of men's ankle boots

For each collection of made in Italy Leonardo Shoes, our craftsmen handmade several models of leather ankle boots for men ideal for every season and outfit, united by the choice of top-quality materials such as full-grain calf leather and carefully finished details, such as the Blake processing.

We find, therefore, the classic leather lace-up ankle boots, more or less high on the leg, smooth in genuine leather for the most traditional and soft suede for those who love a more casual taste while maintaining a classic allure.

All our men's ankle boots, whether summer or winter, are all in genuine leather and handmade, made to have flexibility and durability over time. Many are the models of high leather shoes for men made of vintage calf leather. This particular type of aged leather is characterized by an antique look, used in the "old style" type. Vintage leather is inspired by past fashion, proposing it in a contemporary key, both on men's ankle boots with buckles or zippers.

What about leather men's brogue shoes, the classic suede lace-up shoes that lend themselves to both more casual work outfits and leisure time, outside the traditional moccasin.

As said, men's leather ankle boots allow you to have in your personal shoes collection Italian shoes suitable for every need, to be combined with elegant and sporty outfits without ever giving up the style and quality typical of handmade and made in Italy footwear.

What types of leather do we use to create our handmade men's boots?

All of our Italian footwear is made from genuine leather and handmade. We have made material research one of our mainstays, opting only for top-quality leather, processed traditionally and finished in the smallest details. Among the leathers used for our handmade men's boots, we find full-grain calf leather, real leather obtained from the processing of bovine skin characterized by particular flexibility and resistance to wear over time due to use.

Our handmade men's boots all in genuine leather have different processing, which allows us to offer you a wide range of Made in Italy shoes: from classic shiny and smooth leather to hammered leather, from vintage leather to greased vegetable-tanned leather to suede leather, timeless material that gives a British touch to any outfit. It is not only the upper that makes these handmade leather men's shoes special but also the various types of soles, which guarantee adherence to the ground, comfort, and waterproofing. The laces, if present, are coordinated, giving life to high men's leather footwear where every element is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

How to wear men's leather boots?

Buying a pair of men's leather boots, whether for summer or winter, means opening the doors to a wide range of combinations, with the possibility of flaunting different and fashionable looks enriched by handmade Italian shoes.

Let's start with laced men's boots, which appear more sporty and casual, perfect for leisure time for an aperitif with friends or a walk in the city center. There are numerous colors to choose from, from black boots to suede leather men's high shoes to leather men's shoes that match jeans for a casual effect with a touch of elegance.

You will hardly find a versatile model like low men's leather boots with ankle elastic, comfortable and soft, suitable for long working days when you want to maintain a polished style without sacrificing comfort during standing hours. For special occasions, leather boots with buckles will leave everyone speechless, transforming a traditional suit into an outstanding outfit.

Don't forget that our men's winter boots are the perfect solution for colder days, especially if you move by bike or motorcycle, as natural leather is treated to ensure comfort and warmth, keeping your feet protected from all weather conditions.

Elegant and comfortable ankle boots: the advantages of 100% artisanal craftsmanship.

The softness and elegance of a handmade Italian artisanal shoe give footwear an undeniable added value, made of attention to detail and comfort for every occasion of use.

All our men's leather ankle boot models are perfect for facing the winter season thanks to the waterproofing of real leather that withstands rain and adverse weather conditions.

As for the design, our high leather men's shoes are capable of enhancing a look in a casual chic outfit, as men's footwear is an essential fashion detail that denotes care and attention to one's personality.

In our leather men's ankle boots, nothing is ever left to chance and each element is made to be distinctive and unique, so as to always be in line with the latest fashion trends, wearing comfortable and handmade Italian shoes.

How to choose the right artisanal men's ankle boots for you

If you have decided to buy men's leather ankle boots online and are having trouble choosing, here's how to choose the right handmade Italian footwear for you.

Consider whether the model you need is a lace-up or slip-on shoe, based on your taste, occasions of use, and the style you want to wear.

In general, some lace-up models are very elegant and lend themselves to being worn under formal workwear, while others are ideal for leisure time, perhaps under a pair of jeans.

After evaluating the model, decide if you need high or low leather men's ankle boots, perhaps keeping both solutions in your closet so you can complete your look in minutes and always with refinement. Also, consider if you prefer ankle boots with a buckle, single or double, or men's zippered ankle boots.

By choosing our artisanal shoes, you are guaranteed to purchase handmade Italian footwear, giving yourself durable leather ankle boots perfect for every occasion. The production of our footwear is carefully controlled in every step to guarantee you comfort, style, and lasting perfection over time.