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Cage-shaped black sandal for women
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Women's sandal in beige suede with applied glitter
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Square-shaped women's sandal in black suede with glitter
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Elegant women's sandals in genuine leather, handcrafted and made in Italy

For our online store specializing in handmade, high-quality Italian shoes, we have developed an entire line of comfortable and elegant women's sandals, created using the finest, expertly crafted leathers by skilled Italian artisans.

Our women's leather sandals are primarily open-toed footwear, perfect for the warmer seasons. They feature a minimalistic upper composed of sculpted straps, laces, strips, and stitched-in buckle details, ensuring both security and comfort while exuding an elegant aesthetic. The heel heights range from low to high, and we also offer wedge and platform styles to suit different preferences.

On our Italian footwear e-commerce platform, you will discover a stunning array of artisanal, open-toe leather shoes for women. These shoes are exceptionally comfortable, lightweight, and designed to enhance your outfits with sophistication and style.

Explore our range of women's open-toe shoes

Our collection of comfortable and elegant women's sandals encompasses a wide variety of artisanal, made-in-Italy open-toe leather shoes, catering to diverse tastes and needs.

Discover the relaxing slingback sandals, some of which feature elasticized elements, available in a multitude of shapes and colors. Alternatively, you may prefer the heightened comfort of our low-heeled jewel-adorned flip-flop sandals, available in platinum or rhinestone variations, adding a touch of glamour to your look.

For those seeking a bolder style, our low-gladiator leather sandals, including the flip-flop models, or slip-on shoes with low or square heels might pique your interest. We also offer open-toe footwear with high heels and platforms for a more classic yet striking appeal. Lastly, don't forget to explore our incredibly soft and comfortable slippers.

All our women's leather sandals are artisanally crafted, with or without heels

In our online store of Italian footwear, you will exclusively find women's leather sandals that are meticulously handcrafted, guaranteeing both comfort and elegance in every step you take.

One of our distinctive qualities is that all our open-toe shoes are made from genuine leather, utilizing materials of the highest quality that are soft and flexible. Our range includes designs crafted from crinkled full-grain calf leather, supple suede, and even vegetable-tanned cowhide, such as our Roman women's sandals. The vegetable tanning process involves using tannins derived primarily from flowers and tree barks, resulting in a more natural material.

It is important to emphasize that when we describe our women's leather sandals as "artisanal," we mean that the uppers are not merely glued to the soles, as is common in mass production. Instead, they are meticulously hand-stitched. This ensures that our footwear is not only beautifully unique, but also exceptionally durable over time.

The perfect balance of comfort and elegance in our women's sandals

In our e-commerce platform of handmade, made-in-Italy shoes, you will discover artisanal women's leather sandals that effortlessly combine comfort and elegance.

Feel at ease with our slingback leather shoes featuring low heels, available in beige, brown, and tortora colors. They are elegant, comfortable, and suitable for any occasion, whether it be your daily work routine or evening events.

And who says you can't wear our high-heeled sandals with platforms, featuring a stylish buckle closure in laminated silver, for both special occasions and spontaneous moments in your professional life? At Leonardo Shoes, we believe that elegance is synonymous with comfort, enabling you to feel at ease in every situation.

How to style women's leather sandals

How can you incorporate our artisanal women's open-toe leather shoes into your everyday outfit with elegance and originality?

In the warmer seasons, prioritizing comfort and freshness is essential. For example, a great choice for a work ensemble is pairing open-toe shoes with Capri-style cotton trousers and a lively-toned shirt. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple white or colorful t-shirt. To add a touch of subtle refinement to your casual attire, why not wear jewel-adorned sandals that can illuminate your outfit without making it overly elegant?

For special occasions, ceremonies, or weddings, you can achieve an elegant look by pairing our Roman women's sandals with flared skirts or long shirt dresses. For a total chic look, you can match black open-toe shoes embellished with gold or silver jewels with a long black dress, complemented by a clutch bag.

Choosing the perfect genuine leather sandals for you

On our e-commerce platform of Italian footwear, you can find a wide range of artisanal women's sandals and open-toe shoes in various types of leather. Selecting the perfect pair for you is made easy. It depends on what you prioritize—whether it's greater comfort, elegance, or a combination of both.

If comfort is your priority, our slingback sandals, especially the low flip-flop version, will be an excellent choice. However, if you desire a touch of elegance, you can opt for jewel-adorned sandals in various platinum or rhinestone variations.

If elegance is what captivates you, consider our high-heeled sandals with platforms and buckle closures in powder pink laminated leather. They not only exude elegance but also offer exceptional comfort. At Leonardo Shoes, elegance is synonymous with comfort.