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Elegant brown suede derby for men
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Men's leather lace-up shoes

Our men's leather lace-up shoes are the perfect accessory for any man who desires a classic accessory, crafted by hand and meticulously detailed. Timeless style combined with quality materials and expert craftsmanship make our collection of men's leather lace-up shoes an excellence made in Italy capable of satisfying every need of masculine style: from the quintessential men's lace-up shoe, black leather with stitching, for elegance on any occasion, to brown derbies with the characteristic elongated shape and toe cap, suitable for more casual outfits.

With leather lace-up shoes, you can express your personality, spanning a variety of materials and styles. Because, as it is known, what stands out most in an outfit are the accessories, especially the shoes: hence, special effects for unconventional lace-up shoes, such as calf leather Siena délavé shoes, or blue ocean woven leather oxford shoes.

The common denominator of these models is the laces, an element that makes the fit of men's shoes more comfortable and adjustable and transforms the act of lacing into a true ritual, marking the end of the dressing process. A universe of styles and colors, where the common thread of all these men's lace-up shoes is the fine natural leathers and meticulous design.

All colors of made in Italy men's lace-up shoes

Not just black: the shades of men's lace-up shoes by Leonardo Shoes cater to all tastes. Brown, in brandy tones or lighter shades, is the other great protagonist in these shoes: it represents an excellent alternative to the always appropriate black and pairs perfectly with more informal shoes as well as classic models.

But not everyone loves conventional colors, so in our collection of men's lace-up shoes, there are also more interesting proposals: for example, red leather half brogue shoes, a hue that approaches brown, yet remains versatile. Our handmade Italian footwear is created to seamlessly blend with any outfit and enhance it without ever clashing.

For the man who loves to be a bit eccentric and doesn't like to go unnoticed, we also offer soft ochre suede brogues, or the unexpected green of the dark calf leather model. Because even two-tone is an interesting option: as in the case of tan brogues with dark brown tips and trims. And then there are burgundy leather lace-up shoes for men, as well as blue loafers with white laces and trims.

Even those who love patterns will not be disappointed by our offerings, where brown calf leather shoes are enriched with a refined python print.

Only top-quality leather for our handmade shoes

All men's lace-up shoes by Leonardo Shoes are handcrafted in Florence by skilled artisans. Each pair of shoes encapsulates a combination of professionalism and craftsmanship, in a process that involves several steps and contributes to creating Italian footwear of the highest quality.

Only natural leathers and premium materials are selected for our shoes: from the laces to the leathers sourced only from the best tanneries. Leather lace-up shoes are a microcosm that encapsulates only the best of the Made in Italy tradition, and the same materials used in our handmade footwear ensure that a pair of men's lace-up shoes looks and fits completely different from any ordinary footwear.

Our leather shoes are soft and fit perfectly, allowing for better walking, thanks also to the sole made of refined materials, just like all other parts of the shoe. The raw material is the starting point: only if it is excellent can it be worked at its best, and these techniques are mastered by master shoemakers, who bring to life an ancient art every time they create a pair of shoes.

Models of our handmade lace-up shoes: oxfords, brogues, derbies, and loafers for men

Our handmade leather shoes come in all kinds of models, including historical ones that have made the history of men's shoes.

Oxfords are the elegant lace-ups par excellence, with their elongated and slender shape, whose origins date back to the students of the famous university in the 1800s.

Derby lace-up shoes for men, on the other hand, are those where the eyelets for the laces are open and stitched above the vamp: this is a highly flexible model, to be worn both at work and during leisure time. Our leather derbies range from the most common shapes to shoes with special textures, such as woven ones, which are suitable for an aperitif with friends or a stroll in the city.

Brogues must also be mentioned, which are characterized by perforations and a toe cap, which can be round or wingtip: even in this case, our handmade leather lace-up shoes for men move between different styles and stitching, giving everyone ample choice.

All the comfort and elegance that only handmade shoes can give you

A shoe that as soon as you put it on wraps you in its softness and comfort: these are Leonardo Shoes' handmade men's shoes. The comfort of men's leather lace-up shoes is incomparable to that of industrial footwear: it is the quality of materials and craftsmanship that speaks volumes.

Moreover, wearing elegant handmade men's lace-up shoes is a clear indicator of class and timeless style: such Italian artisanal footwear will never go out of fashion and makes the wearer a person of class, recognizable for their good taste.

Men's leather lace-up shoes are the accessory that makes the difference in a tailored suit ensemble, in a refined and elegant look because a man conveys his style primarily through the choice of accessories. Ours are shoes that stand out for their quality, appreciated by onlookers and loved by those who wear them.

How to pair men's lace-up shoes

The leather lace-up shoe for men is a must-have in one's wardrobe, as it allows for a wide range of combinations.

Depending on the outfit and the occasion, the shoes take on different connotations, but it can be said that the lace-up model - or with laces - is the most universal, because it is classic and timeless.

A pair of our black leather brogue oxfords is perfect to wear in the office and for more formal occasions. Suede leather derby shoes pair well with a winter outfit, especially when combined with an elegant overcoat, while derbies go well with jeans and a shirt. The white and blue lace-up moccasin is a must for a boat trip or a summer stroll and never looks out of place under shorts or long trousers in lightweight fabric.

Bicolor brogue shoes, on the other hand, contribute to creating a refined outfit, and handmade Italian leather shoes become a detail that conveys personality.