Excellence of Italian eCommerce

Classified as the best online store in the footwear sector for the last three years for: design, functionality, product presentation, service offered, purchase and delivery conditions.

on over 8000 online shops

<tc>Leonardo Shoes</tc> ranked as the best e-commerce in the footwear sector for 2022/2024.

This is the result of a research conducted by Itqf, which took into consideration over 8000 online shops.

A study based on assessments by specialists and consumers, which took into consideration of elements of substantial value as well as efficiency of the service.

Passed the examination of experts and customers

A research structured in 3 phases

Concluded with phase 3, in which customer satisfaction was reported, measured through a representative survey conducted in the last 12 months. Overall, 732,000 judgments were collected.


A “long list” of 8130 online
shops in Italian, with
office in the beautiful country

36 criteria under study

How was the decision made?

Based on all those elements that create a unique experience for the user: the design, the functionality, the service offered, the purchase and delivery conditions...

But the evaluation didn't stop here: the experts wanted to base themselves not only on their own experience, but also on the very important opinion of end users.

For this last phase, over 720,000 people were contacted, who were essentially asked how they found themselves during their shopping experience.