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Elegant women's leather lace-up shoes

Our elegant women's leather lace-up shoes lend your outfits refined originality, comfort, and a timeless touch of elegance. This type of footwear emerged in the nineteenth century as an adaptation of classic high-top boots: the upper, made lower, embraces the foot's instep. Thus, the Oxford shoe was born, also known as the Oxford, as it was adopted by students of the famous English university.

The main characteristic of these women's leather lace-up shoes is the particular stitching method of the vamp - the widest part of the upper - above the facings - the two flaps where the eyelets for the laces are located - which makes them particularly elegant and delicate.

Often, Oxfords are confused with women's derby lace-up shoes, a similar model but with a decidedly more casual look, as the vamp is stitched under the facings, making them more comfortable but also more casual.

All colors of made in Italy women's lace-up shoes

The colors of women's leather lace-up shoes that you can find in our online Made in Italy footwear store are truly numerous: from classic colors like brown, black, and dark brown to softer colors for warmer seasons, all the way to two-tone women's lace-up shoes.

An example of this model is our artisanal women's laceless leather Oxford shoes in two-tone brown leather; or the handmade women's brogues in red and blue goat leather; or even the very interesting, and very elegant, artisanal low black and white Oxfords; not to mention those in purple, orange, and dark brown goat leather: a combination as daring as it is glamorous for those who love slightly eccentric accessories that add character to their look.

Only top-quality leather for our artisanal footwear

Whether it's

women's derby lace-up shoes

, elegant Oxford shoes, or leather brogues, our artisanal footwear boasts only top-quality leather. Take, for example, the softness of the two-tone women's Oxfords with brogue toe and low heel, entirely handmade in red and incense goat leather hand-colored; or the low two-tone women's lace-up shoes with low heel, handcrafted in hand-colored dark brown/leather goat leather. Among the leathers used for our handmade women's lace-up shoes, the pony skin, a high-quality natural, unbleached leather, couldn't be missing. You can find it, for example, in our handmade leopard print pony skin Oxfords, with leather sole, always entirely handmade. These are just a few examples of how for us, the most important words are craftsmanship, high-quality Italian leather, and design study, to guarantee you the utmost comfort.

The models of our elegant lace-up footwear: Oxfords, derby, and brogues for women

Among our models of women's leather lace-up shoes you'll find: Oxfords, derby shoes, and brogues, all obviously handmade and made in Italy. The Oxford model is characterized by the particular stitching of the vamp - the widest part of the upper - above the facings, i.e., the two flaps where the eyelets for the laces are: this is what makes them particularly refined.

Conversely, women's derby lace-up shoes seem like a similar model, but the vamp is stitched under the facings: this makes them more comfortable but also more casual.

As for brogues, their peculiarity lies in the toe cap, which, instead of being horizontally cut like in classic Oxfords, extends laterally, on two wings, down to below the facings.

Now it's up to you to choose the model of artisanal women's leather lace-up shoes that best suits your style.

All the comfort and elegance that only handmade shoes can give you

A handmade artisanal shoe is quite different from a product made industrially. This is precisely what makes our Made in Italy leather footwear a product of excellence, where high-quality materials, design, and attention to detail come together to offer you comfortable, elegant, and fashionable shoes.

The choice of quality materials and the anchoring of the sole to the upper primarily distinguish

artisanal women's lace-up shoes

from those of industrial production, which are simply glued. In other words, it's the stitches that make the shoe sturdy, resistant to rain, and durable over time.

How to pair women's lace-up shoes

Women's leather lace-up shoes

can be paired with any type of outfit. For work, for example, elegant Oxfords can be worn with a slightly masculine cut cigarette pants, not too long. The ankle should be slightly exposed. If you prefer a skirt, choose a pleated model that reaches just below the knee and pair it with a shirt and golf, in a very preppy style.

For a casual occasion, you can pair women's leather lace-up shoes with ankle-rolled jeans or skinny pants. In the former case, wear something tight on top, like a blazer, perhaps with a t-shirt underneath; in the latter case, opt for a men's shirt or a loose sweater and maybe a black leather Oxford.

For a night out with friends or an aperitif, create a truly original look by pairing your women's leather lace-up shoes with short and colorful skirts or short dresses. The idea of wearing real leather brogues with long skirts is also very beautiful.