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Unique models handmade by master craftsmen who use real Italian leather to make authentic Made in Italy shoes

... and for women's: just arrived shoes, boots, jackets and bags !


The history of the Leonardo Shoes brand begins in Florence in 1996 when the designer Anan, just arrived in the cradle of Tuscan culture, had the opportunity to get in touch and admire the best craftsmen in the Italian footwear sector.
A meeting that gave birth to the desire to transform a passion into a real profession, thus giving way to his artistic and creative flair to demonstrate all the talent he still has today.
Attention to even the smallest details, the craftsmanship of the past and the use of the best materials make the Leonardo Shoes brand an international excellence.
The wide range of models and the multiple styles available allow us to provide all customers of the Italian-Jordanian designer with the perfect footwear for every moment and occasion.
Today you can find and test the quality, experience and dedication that he constantly puts into his work in the two boutiques in the city of Florence.