THEMICAM FIERA MILANO 31 August / 3 September MIKAM: LET'S GET IT STARTED! THE WINNING TEAM DOES NOT CHANGE, BUT GROWS! TheMICAM confirms its role as a leading international event in the sector, keeping good results in the edition edition after edition: there will be 1,557 exhibitors, of which 617 international, on more than 67,500 square meters of net exhibition space. They will enter for the first time at theMICAM important new brands: Christian Lacroix, Colmar, Missoni and Porsche Design. fair ... theMI [...]  Read more >


TICKET INVITO Per to visit theMICAM it is necessary to pre-register on the website at the email address you have indicated, you will receive a personal QR code to print and pass on the reader of the Fast Lane turnstiles to directly access the pavilions. The code can be used for the duration of the fair, is valid for one person only and is not transferable.  Read more >

Foot Measurement, A Key Stage for a Perfect Customized Shoe

One of the crucial phases in the creation of handmade shoes made in Italy, is precisely that inherent in the measurement of the foot. The whole operation must be done with the utmost of skill and precision, because only one small mistake could compromise the functionality of the shoe. The bespoke shoes allow a perfectly studied fit on the uniqueness of the feet that will fall. This is the fundamental difference with industrial production shoes. The experienced craftsman makes the measurement easily, but any [...]  Read more >

Shoes, shoes, shoes, because women love them so much

Women go crazy for Italian shoes and accessories. Not all of them, but most. Because? Because shoes, especially some, are synonymous with femininity, elegance, seduction and charm. They are an essential accessory, equaled only by the handbag. Almost all the women, in front of a nice pair of shoes, feel a compulsive instinct that pushes them to purchase, and then patience if they have played half the salary in two minutes, the satisfaction is so great that it does not leave too much space to the senses of gu [...]  Read more >

Moccasin, the history of the most beloved shoe of the last years

Moccasin, the history of the most beloved shoe of the last years It is a timeless shoe, a true unisex cult that has conquered all age groups and different social classes, the moccasin. This elegant shoe, but at the same time versatile, is offered in many models, chromatic solutions, materials that can satisfy the most diverse needs. They range from the made in Italy moccasin in leather, refined and sophisticated, to combine with sober clothes total black for a chic evening, or neutral colors for business dinners, to soft ones, even the sole, with a summer and sporty look [...]  Read more >
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