Finally we have our beautiful pair of handmade shoes, of those that last a lifetime, shiny, soft, a precious accessory to be kept with care, but how? Handmade shoes are not like industrial ones that once used can be stored as they are. The handmade shoes are almost living organisms, which change over time, take the shape of our foot, accompany it, follow the steps. They grow old and wear out, but if they are well treated, they can really last for many years, beautiful and tidy.

The first thing to do when buying handmade made in Italy shoes is waterproofing. This operation is very important to prevent dirt and mold from attaching the shoe and bribing it. We therefore use specific products to be purchased from the artisan or in special shops, so that the shoe is made waterproof, but allows the foot to breathe. Every time we wear our shoes, we have the foresight to polish them, not only for an aesthetic factor, but to improve the performance of the shoe itself. After about ten polishes, however, it is good to remove the product with a trichlorethylene degreaser.

Once used, you must have the patience to clean them, so that the dirt does not stratify. You can use a silk brush with hard bristles to remove dirt from the seams, while for the upper we can use a damp sponge with neutral soap to remove stains. For the maintenance of leather, however, it is good practice to massage the upper with a neutral moisturizing cream, one with aloe will be perfect. Remember to always insert the shoe straps before storing them, so that the shape remains unaltered.

For those who are preparing to wear a pair of new shoes, here is a small rule saves foot. The first day should not be worn for more than a couple of hours, the second is increased by an hour and so to follow. In this way the foot will have the chance to get used to the new shoe without trauma.